Located in the scenic plains of Maasai grassland of Kajiado County at Isinya the farm is presently 16 hectares equipped with the most modern Greenhouses, Irrigation and Water Management Systems, Pest and Disease Management with Integrated Pest Management approach and efficient Post Harvest System and Management practices in place. Presently at Desire Flora, 12 varieties of Roses from T-Hybrid and Intermediate selections are being cultivated.

Cultivation is done in Soil and also in Hydroponics media, with great emphasis on quality and handling. Desire Flora also has state of art propagation house to suffice its requirement of new plants for replanting and expansions. Also Desire Flora has its own production facility for Phytosellius Persimilis for red spider mite’s control.

Vision & Mission

Our VISION is to be one of the Best and most reliable suppliers of Fresh cut roses, grown with eco-friendly production processes and to deliver to our customers a product with quality par excellence maintaining reliability and consistency. Our Mission is to generate employment, create awareness on gender equality, financial stability and provide training and education to our workers for the betterment of their living standards and that of the society as whole. In line with its Mission statement Desire Flora Kenya Ltd undertakes various trainings to upgrade the skills of its workforce.

Some of the training courses completed by our employees include the following:

1. Training in Occupational Health and Safety
2. First Aid Training which is helpful at work and at home
3. Safe Use of Pesticides Training
4. Training in Fire Prevention and Fighting
5. Social responsibility training
6. HIV Awareness and Prevention Training
7. Train selected employees to further train others on HIV prevention and Awareness.

To ensure the implementation of these trainings the farm has a policy in place along with the following Committees to track implementation:

1. A Welfare Committee for Employees
2. Health and Safety Committee
3. Sexual Harassment/Discrimination Committee

Desire Flora SACCO (Savings and Credit Cooperative) is the second biggest credit cooperative society in Isinya area. This helps our employees to save money and avail loans during emergency at very minimal interest rates.



Our markets are both, the Dutch Flower Auctions as well as direct supply to wholesalers based in the EU, Russia, USA, Canada, and Australia.


Desire Flora (K) Ltd is in the process of getting itself MPS (Milieu Programma Sierteelt) certified. MPS is internationally certified flower label which is aimed at reducing negative impact by an organization on the environment. It also ensures sustainability in the field of quality care and social responsibility along with being environmentally aware while cultivating flowers, plants, bulbs, parental material and nursery stock products. MPS offers the sector ‘tools’ to implement corporate social responsibility in the most effective manner.

MPS develops and manages certificates for environmental, quality and social aspects by which we are able to know our sustainability on above fields within our organization. This offers opportunities for us to improve our efficiency and imparts motivation to the team while performing all the routine day to day activities around the farm in an environmentally and socially responsible way.

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Farm Location:
Isinya – Kiserian Road
Kajiado District, Kenya

Address: P.O. Box 32111-00600, Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: +254 736 329 980
Email: Web:

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